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Lease Return near Me

Hey there, drivers—have you found yourself Googling “lease return near me”? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to LaFontaine Ford of Lansing, otherwise known as your local dealer for lease returns near Lansing, Holt, and East Lansing, Michigan. Here, we want to help you return your leased ride. That way, you can prepare to get behind the wheel of your next ideal machine.

Read on for more information.

Lease Return near Fowlerville MI
Lease Return near Lansing MI

Returning Car

How Do I Return a Car at the End of a Lease?

When you’re getting ready to return your leased car, there are a few steps that you must take to make sure it is in the best possible condition. What might this entail, you ask? First and foremost, you’ll want to be prepared for quite a few things.

For one, a good starting point is to consider the condition your vehicle is currently in. After all, before you return your leased ride to our dealer, you’ll have to give it a once-over. This is to preface the inspection, where your leased vehicle will be examined at length, which must happen before it’s returned.

The simple act of returning the leased vehicle, though, is simpler than you might expect, if you’ve already taken its condition into account. Just bring it to our dealership and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dent Repair

Start With a Lease Inspection

Let’s get into the details. When you begin your lease return, you’ll have to be prepared for the lease inspection. This entails, at a basic level, giving your ride a good look-over. We want to make sure that the vehicle is still functioning at peak capacity before it’s returned.

While every lease come with slightly different expectations, it’s natural that most include a mileage limit. It’s also typical that most small repairs are covered by the warranty that your leased vehicle is under. This inspection, then, is a search for the wear and tear that might have occurred in the meantime.

Some of the damage to be considered includes:

  • Dents and scrapes
  • The state of bumpers and wheels
  • Tread wear
  • Window cracks

Lease End Inspection

Lease End Dates

When you’re getting ready to return your leased vehicle, you’ll need to be aware of the lease end-date. Not only does the inspection have to be conducted prior to that date, you’ll need time to prepare accordingly for anything else that might need to be done.

When it does come time for the return, it’s ideal to bring the vehicle to the dealership where you originally leased it. You’ll want to contact our team to set up an appointment for a lease return. Then, clean out the car. Make sure you’ve retrieved all of your personal belongings, replace any original items that came with it, and so on.

The Return at Our Dealer

Congratulations! You’re ready for a lease return near you. When the time comes, you’ll want to get in touch with our team at LaFontaine Ford of Lansing. As your dealer near Lansing, Holt, and East Lansing, MI, we pride ourselves on assisting you.

So, what are you waiting for? Return your leased vehicle to us today!

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