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All-Wheel Alignment Service
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Learn About 4-Wheel Alignment Service at LaFontaine Ford of Lansing

The wheels on your car are just like any team – they work best if they’re all pointing in the right direction toward the same target. Our alignment service does this for your car – making sure the wheels are all pointing in the right direction. Over time, your wheels can become misaligned as you drive, especially as you encounter potholes, accidents, or collisions with curbs. When you experience wandering steering or a car that drifts to one side when the steering wheel is centered, get an alignment check from the pros at LaFontaine Ford of Lansing. We can measure your alignment and restore your vehicle’s wheel alignment to factory spec for the best handling and performance.


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Why an Alignment is Important for Your Car

If the alignment comes too far out of spec, your car may become difficult to handle and more fatiguing to drive. Poor alignment can cause the steering to wander and make it more challenging to travel in a straight line as you’ll need to turn the steering wheel constantly. Poor alignment isn’t just bad for you behind the wheel; it’s also bad for your car itself! Poor alignment can stress the brakes and tires, causing them to wear unevenly. This can lead to problems in the braking system and cause your tires to wear out faster, meaning you’ll need to install a new set of tires more frequently. Keeping your vehicle’s alignment adjusted can help your brakes and tires last longer and save you money over time!

How We’ll Measure and Adjust Your Alignment

This is not a service where one can just “eyeball it” if you want to get good results. We use advanced laser-guided tools to precisely measure the alignment angle of your vehicle’s wheels. Then, if an adjustment is needed, we’ll restore your vehicle’s alignment exactly to factory spec. Our state-of-the-art tools allow us to be more precise than many other auto care facilities. We always restore the alignment to the exact factory spec for your particular Ford vehicle to give you the best performance.

Trust the Ford Experts at LaFontaine Ford of Lansing For All Your Auto Care Needs

For all your auto service needs, the LaFontaine Ford of Lansing team is ready to provide a better way to care for your car! Get peace of mind from genuine OEM parts, a modern facility with all the latest technology, and factory-trained and certified Ford technicians. We’ll be able to provide a higher quality of service you just can’t get anywhere else. Schedule your appointment online, and we’ll be ready for your arrival, so you spend less time waiting and get back to your life faster. While you do spend some time waiting for your vehicle, our comfortable waiting area has vending machines, periodicals, and HDTVs to help pass the time.


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