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To get around Lansing, Holt, and East Lansing, MI, safely, it’s essential to have tires that are in good condition. If your car’s tires are worn out or damaged, you might find your vehicle underperforming.

Fortunately, the LaFontaine Ford of Lansing service team is skilled at solving tire issues. We also are adept at pairing drivers with the tires that are perfect for their vehicles and their driving needs.

Keep reading to find out what we can do for you when you need tire service.

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To keep you safe on the road and ensure that your vehicle is operating at its peak performance, you need well-maintained tires. Whether your trips consist primarily of smooth highway driving or rocky gravel riding, you need to make sure your car’s tires are up for the task.

You know that the tires are healthy when:

  • There is plenty of tread
  • There is even wear
  • Your car doesn’t veer to the side
  • There are no vibrations when you drive
  • There are no cracks or bulges in the tires

However, normal wear and tear—as well as accidental run-ins with deep potholes or curbs—can result in your vehicle needing a visit to our tire center. Depending on what’s going on with the tires, we can perform the following services:

  • Tire change
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire inflation

When you bring your car in, we’ll examine your tires and let you know the solution we recommend before starting any work.

Expert Technicians and Genuine Parts

A great tire service relies on experienced technicians and quality parts—we have both. Our service experts are pros regarding tire types and brands. They’ve seen it all when it comes to tire issues and know whether your tires need to be changed now or if they’re good to go for another couple thousand miles.

Plus, our team is factory trained. Each of our technicians has been trained to work on specific vehicles and they understand the engineering of that make inside and out.

While we will also recommend the appropriate tire for your make, model, and trim, you can still choose from a wide array of brands, including:

  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Falken
  • Dunlop

So, if there’s a particular brand that you prefer, we are happy to accommodate. Plus, we offer a variety of specials throughout the year on different tire brands and services to help you get the most value out of your visit.

Full-Service Auto RepairGetting professional tire service

Sometimes all it takes to get your automobile back in working order is a tire change. Other times, the tires might be only part of the problem. For instance, worn-out tires might be the result of a damaged suspension system.

Whatever the issue, our team can handle it. We are equipped with the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to take care of all vehicle needs, from routine maintenance to full system repairs.

You can also choose to either stay and wait in our accommodating lounge area, with free Wi-Fi, or take a shuttle back home.

Schedule Your Tire Service Today

Whether there’s a hole in one of your vehicle’s tire or you’ve noticed that the tires are wearing unevenly, the LaFontaine Ford of Lansing service team can help. We serve drivers all around Lansing, Holt, and East Lansing, Michigan, and are here to assist you with all of your tire service needs.

Schedule an appointment online or contact our team, if you have questions!

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